Original art and prints, posters, greeting cards, and more!

I spread myself across a lot of different projects and styles and I think it’s important to note that everything you will find here was drawn / made by me, and even the prints themselves always pass through my hands before being shipped to you. 

Why Buy Here?

The difference when you buy my prints through this store is that you can rest assured that they have passed through my hands, and had my eyes on them for quality assurance and that they have my literal seal of approval on the back: in the form of a custom stamp!

We have bought so many of Christopher's prints over the years, we are running out of space on our walls! But seriously, the attention to detail, and the quality, and feel of the actual prints is just top-notch. And of course my husband and I adore his sense of humour!

Shelley T.
Long time customer

About Me (and this Shop)

Christopher Hemsworth (self-portrait)

Artist / Owner

Hello there! Welcome to my online shop! My name is Christopher and I am an artist and designer. I have many styles and distinctly branded projects, like my comic "Dear Inner Demons," as well as my epic undertaking of GIJOE365. Here is where you can purchase a unique piece of my art, and at the same time support me as an artist. 

This shop is powered by Ecwid, and I have been happily using this e-commerce integration for several years now. Ecwid has allowed me to ship my products all over the world. You can shop with confidence and ease here. 

I take great pride in the quality of product that I produce. I print my products on a particular type of stock, with a hand-picked print shop, and my eyes are on every single piece that gets shipped out. I take pride in my work and pride in the products that I offer to you. 

Thank you for taking the time to take a look around my online shop. Whether it's a gift, or something to bring some cheer to your own life, I hope you find a piece that speaks to you here!